Green Lantern:Emerald Knights

Green Lantern:Emerald Knights

Year: 2011

Genre: Action/Adventure/Animation/Sci-Fi

Runtime: 84mins

Rating: PG-13

IMDB Score: 7.2/10 (40 Votes)

Director(s): Chris Berkeley,Lauren Montgomery & Jay Oliva

Writer(s): Eddie Berganza,Alan Burnett,Todd Casey,Dave Gibbons,Michael Green,Marc Guggenheim,Geoff Johns & Peter Tomasi



As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit Arisia for the coming conflict by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal’s comrades.



A Green Lantern take on Batman:Gotham Knight ? Yes please.


Fun Fact/Trivia:

Green Lantern the comics are based off of E.E Smiths book series Lensman.


The Breakdown:

Well, the only things this had in common with Batman:Gotham Knight was the fact that it told different stories (hell all the stories were being told via flashbacks by Jordan. Gotham Knight was a bunch of stories being told by mostly street level folk in the here and now) plus all the different writers telling different stories.

The animation was very smooth and all the same through out the movie so I do not know if they picked different artist,like Gotham Knight did, to do the animation or just one. I would have to guess just one. And you know what? It really worked unlike Gotham Knight where every story had a different artist.This way you felt like you were watching one movie as opposed to six different shorts.

I’ve said it with the last few animation flicks I’ve watched and I will continue to say it, I hate talking about the acting in the movie. Acting is more than just voices;it’s about body language and how you say things. In an animated movie you don’t get the body language and it does take a bit away from the experience. There is none thing worse than watching any type of media that has bad voice work in it and I’m glad to say there was none in this movie at all. There were some characters that you’d like to sound different but for the most part they all work. Now I’m sure bunch of you Brown Coats will bitch at me but over all I did not like Fillion as Hal. He was able to pull off the smug and dryness that Hal is known for but a lot of time I was asking myself if Caleb from BtVS was Hal. Yes people I know he played Caleb but the way he talked from time to time reminded me to much of Caleb. Then you have Elisabeth Moss who most of you may know from Mad Men (I don’t since I’ve never seen the show) and she is spot on for the character she plays. I mean it’s creepy how much I can see her character Arisia sounding like that. Good on the casting director. Finally we have veteran voice actor Steve Blum who has over 400 credits to his name. If you’ve watch any cartoons or played the more popular video games from the last 20+ years then I’m sure you know who this man is. Just look at his imdb page Isn’t that crazy? I have seen/heard a lot of his stuff and I still have a hard time picking him out. He does a lot of different types of voices. A real talent.

The stories are engaging to the point that even non-comic book fans would like this movie. Fear my fellow comic dork/geeks/nerds there is plenty in there for those that know more about GLs than the normal person. In fact they even put in some red rage for us. The one is question was not yet raging but it was fun to see that character interact with others while without the red ring. On the other hand they were missing some key and cult GLs like: all the humans (my fav Gardner) other than Hal and G’nort. We did get a story about Mogo and lets be honest no GL history telling would be complete without Mogo. So they made it watchable for non GL fan and more watchable for the GL fans.

The Verdict:

Over all a good movie that is worth your time. It’s not worth a buy so just rent it or wait for it to hit Netflix.


I give this movie 3 power batteries out of 5.

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